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Our Alumni Are the University's Third Estate

It was a New York Alphan of Phi Kappa Psi who chaired the first meeting of the Cornell Alumni Association in the 19th century; it was a New York Alphan of Phi Kappa Psi who made the first gift to the Cornell Fund. It was a New York Alphan of Phi Kappa Psi who motioned to integrate the Sphinx Head Society, bringing down Cornell's century-old discrimination against women. Andrew Dickson White established three great estates to balance academic and social life on the Hill: first and foremost, the Faculty; secondly, the Students; and thirdly, the Alumni. When he did this, he saw our alumni--and yes, that of Psi Upsilon--as the model for the third estate.

If you are tapped to this House, you are charged with advancing what is known as "the Cornell Era," that unique, American progressive age which opened with the founding our this University. So for about a half century, we have called the perch over Wee Stinky Glen's western tumble, our home. The community we create on the Western edge of the Hill is governed by a creed. In the self-governance of our House--affectionately called "the Gables"--we adhere to the Creed of Phi Kappa Psi. Read more, here.

Our bonds over the 60-odd years of classes that could return on any particular Homecoming or Reunion weekend are not simply an “undergraduate matter”. A bid to New York Alpha is a bid to a strong band, for life. One manifestation of those trans-Class bonds is the Convergence, a local tradition unique to New York Alpha within the constellation of Phi Kappa Psi chapters. Once every 5 years, the men converge for a day of celebration at a location chosen, 5 years before. This tradition, like many of our pursuits, started one night in our former Library – now the SkyLounge – as we were trying to do anything but study.

To that creed we bring associations unique to our relationship with our alma mater. In the mid-1960s, we entered into the Cornell University Res It was a New York Alphan of Phi Kappa Psi who chaired the first meeting of the Cornell Alumni Association in the 19th century; it was a New York Alphan of Phi Kappa Psi who made the first gift to the Cornell Fund. It was a New York Alphan of Phi Kappa Psi who motioned to integrate the Sphinx Head Society, bringing down Cornell's century-old discrimination against women. Andrew Dickson White established three great estates to balance academic and social life on the Hill: first and foremost, the Faculty; secondly, the Students; and thirdly, the Alumni. When he did this, he saw our alumni – and yes, that of Psi Upsilon – as the model for the third estate.

“In small groups in which everyone feels that a great deal depends upon his actions, and learns to act upon his own responsibility instead of losing himself in the anonymity of the mass, social patterns grow up in which individuality can almost certainly develop.”

-K. Mannheim

Cornell students interested in our house should take note of the difference underscored, above. We support the Residential College effort and eagerly await the arrival of our neighbors in the Hans Bethe Residential College. But size matters. Residence facilities above 100 and managed by the University are incapable of generating an environment where “everyone feels that a great deal depends upon” their actions. No pattern of dependent needs can root in twelve months. The sophomore stamped on North Campus will be burnished on West Campus, “losing himself in the anonymity of the mass” to quote Karl Mannheim, as he moves on to Collegetown. Branded, burnished, and booted to the landlords.

But fraternity brothers are also not Peter Pans, avoiding the march of time. We just have a different sociological and fraternal creed than the member of a Residential College. Houses are hash. From that milieu, New York Alphans have worked like a shirt-tail, "til their eyes hurt like hell," playing hard, studying harder, and graduating to excellence at the hearth and at the wheel.

Among over 1,200 alumni, living and decease, New York Alpha's current actives prepare to spring from the blocks like these alumni:

In High Society, our house patron and billionaire Robert Warren Miller '55, grandfather of Prince Konstantinos Alexios, the Duke of Sparta; and Prince Achileas Andreas, both of Greece and Denmark, house of Oldenburg-Glücksburg; and grandfather also of Tassilo, Prinz zu Fürstenberg and namesake to Robert Maximillian and his brother Conrad, great grandsons of J. Paul Getty of Minneapolis, Minnesota;

In Agriculture, Conservation and Husbandry, Crist J. Brown '48, C.J. Brown Wholesalers of Utica; Thomas Blohm '51 of the trading house Blohm & Co., Venezuela, tends 20,000 acres of ranch at Hato Masaguaral; Charles M. Andola '65, CEO, United Apple Sales, Inc.; Frank J. Schuster '75, Produce Shipper, Val Verde Vegetable Co.; Roger R. Jury, Jr. '77, Grower, Grand Jury Nursery; Henry “Hank” Talmage '85, proprietor of Talmage Farm, Riverhead, New York, where the Talmages have tended the land since 1650; Paul O. Boffinger '55, Forester, Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests; and on the turf, veterinarian medicine professor Robert H. Mealey '87 is author, among other titles, of A Single Amino Acid Difference within the {alpha}-2 Domain of Two Naturally Occurring Equine MHC Class I Molecules Alters the Recognition of Gag and Rev Epitopes by Equine Infectious Anemia Virus-Specific CTL; also in equestrian pursuits is Lawrence M. Smith '87, of L.M. Smith Racing Stables, Maryland; and Ithaca's own, Matthew D. Battistella '91, is son of the owner, Six Mile Creek Vineyards.

In Art & Architecture, Erhick Rossiter '72, early environmentalist, son of Hudson River school artist Thomas Princhard Rossiter and internationally-reknown architect, Harry French (1890), Wilksbarre architect and brother, Architectural League of New York City; Samuel B. Dewsnap (1892), President, Manhattan Glass Tile Company (manufacturers, glass tile decorations for NYC subway stations); Frank Eurich (1899), Manhattan architect and Fellow, Cornell's College of Architecture, 1899-1900; John A. Hartell '24, American impressionist and Professor of Art & Architecture, Cornell University; Kenneth S. Davis '36, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill; Arthur E. Prack, Jr. '45, Hayes Large Architects; George H. Pash, Jr. '59, Cummings & Pash Architects; Stuart L. Carter '61, Huygens & Dimella, Inc.; Philip N. Devries '64, DeVries Design; Kenneth E. Hurd '68, Interior Designer, Kenneth E. Hurd & Associates; Roger F. Newill '68, partner Hanbury Newill Evans & Vlattas of Norfolk, Va.; David W. Benn '73, Cho Wilks & Benn Architects, Inc. and Edwin H. Hulbert (1890), former partner at Driscoll & Brothers, Ithaca, New York (and designer of Ithaca's once famed, now-demolished-by-philistine-developers, Strand Theatre);

In The Performing Arts, Frank P. Wupperman-Morgan '08, a.k.a. the Wizard of Oz, in the movie of the same name; David A. Frankel '71 and Douglas N. Willen '87, actors;

In Communications and Entertainment, John A. Rea (1869), editor of the Seattle Times; Theodore J. Tilton 1870, free love advocate, journalist for the New York Tribune, and paramour to feminist Victoria Woodhull; James C. Hanchett '53, writer/editor for the New York Daily News; Andrew T. Heller '77, Vice President for the Turner Corp.; William B. Briggs '76, Counsel, NFL Players Association; Jon P. Anderson '71, publisher Random Lengths Publications, Inc.; David L. Hoof '69, author; Charles B. Armstrong '81, advertising, Ogilvy & Mather;

In Secondary Education, Robert S. Smith '63, Jacksonville School District, FL; John C. Wilde '67, Bernice A. Ray School, NH; William H. Sheehan II '73, Lake Shore Central Schools, Angola, NY; Timothy L. Sergeant '85 of Canandaigua City Schools, NY; and John D. Crosby '90 of Frederick School District, CO.

In Post-Secondary Education:

Anthropology professors David W. McCurdy '57, Macalester faculty; Veerendra P. Lele '87, Denison faculty;

Art and Architecture professors John Hartell '24, Cornell faculty; Roy H. DeBoer '55, Rutgers faculty in landscape architecture; Richard H.R. Bull '67, Chulalongkorn faculty in the arts;

Biology professor, Brian R. Rivest '72, SUNY-Cortland;

Chemistry professor, F.W. Clarke (1871), father of American geochemistry, chief chemist of the U.S. Geological Survey and Howard University faculty; Paul G. Seybold '59, Wright State faculty;

Economics professors, F. Alan Fetter (1892), Cornell faculty; Byron W. Brown '60, Michigan State faculty;

Engineering professors Harris J. Ryan (1885), Cornell and Stanford faculty, Richard B. Cole '58, Stevens faculty; Thomas D. O'Rourke '72, Cornell faculty; and Timothy S. Fisher '91, Vanderbilt faculty;

Hotel management professor Richard A. Compton '48, Cornell faculty;

Law professors George Edward Higgins 1885, Acadia faculty; Edward L. Symons, Jr. '63, Pittsburgh faculty; William B. Briggs '76, Adjunct faculty at Cornell Law; Richard W. Brooks '88, Yale faculty; Scott Clark Idleman '88, Marquette faculty; Ethan Yale '93, Georgetown faculty;

Management professors, Paul M. O'Leary '28, founding dean of the Johnson School of Management, Willard G. Crichton '42, lecturer University of Delaware School of Business Administration and Eric W. Ford '87, Texas Tech University faculty;

Mathematics professors James McMahon 1886; Cadwallader E. Lithicum 1885, both Cornell faculty; Rufus Flint 1885, National University of Nicaragua (Rufus taught English, as well);

Medicine professors, Joseph V. Bonventre '70, Massachusetts General Hospital; Joseph Ahearn '77, University of Pittsburg Medical Center;

Philosophy professor Michael T. Carlsen-Jones '67, Eastern Michigan faculty;

Physics and radiophysics professors Ernest G. Merritt 1885, Cornell faculty and Andreas Von Biel '55, Canterbury faculty (New Zealand);

Psychology professors Gary Felsten '74, Indiana faculty, and Steven L. Neuberg '83, Arizona State faculty;

Social Science professors Frank H. Hodder 1880, Kansas faculty and Woodrow Wilson (VA Alpha '79; NY Alpha '87), Cornell visiting faculty; Martin K. Whyte '64, Harvard University faculty; James W. Peterson '67, Valdosta State faculty; Sean M. Bolks '90, visiting professor Rice University and SUNY-Binghamton;

Sociology professor Richard B. Warnecke '59, Illinois faculty;

Medical professor, James I. Hudson, Jr. '48, Johns Hopkins faculty;

In Education Administration and Management: Theodore Baldwin '22, Dean of Cornell Men; Joseph J. Driscoll '44, Development, Malott School of Administration, Cornell University; H. Michael Newman '64, Utilities Compensation Section, Cornell University; Thomas A. Shostak '66, Dean, Lifelong Learning, Ohio University; Richard J. Ferraro '72, Dean of Students – Bucknell University;

In Engineering and Technology:Franchot J. Tone (1887), CEO, Buffalo Carborundum Corp. (spouse to feminist politician Gertrude Tone and father of Hollywood actor, Franchot Tone '22, husband of Joan Crawford!); Burch Foraker (1895), engineer, New York Telephone Co.; Edward W. Callahan '52, CEO, Allied-Signal Corp.; Guy H. Bedrossian '55, President, Com-Pak Corp.; Robert M. McDermott '60, Eurotunnel Corp. (the 'bigger' dig) John W. Monroe '66, CEO, Hewlett Packard Corp., Patrick J. Mulcahy '66, CEO, Eveready Battery Corp.; David A. Clark '82, Software Engineer, AT&T Bell Labs; George E. Daddis, Jr. '85, CEO, InSciTek Corp.; John P. Danner '87, CEO, Condon Devices; Michael Edward Westlund '90, Director of Technology, Far West Steel; Ross Saario '92, Strategy Consultant, Microsoft; Robert C. Bellmar '95, Vice President for Operations, British Telecom; Matthew W. Street '96, Operations Manager, Eastman Kodak; David Andrew Wilkins '96 , Civil Engineer, John H. Plummer & Assoc., Inc.; Jeremy C. Sample '04, Manufacturing Engineer, Procter & Gamble; Daniel J. Wilson '01, President and CEO, Diggety Industries; J. Andrew Eichelberger '99, Director of Engineering, Flight Landata;

In Government: His Excellency Mario G. Menocal (1885), president of the Republic of Cuba; United States Senators Joe Foraker (R-OH)(1869) and Carl Christian Schurz (R-WI); United States Representative Frank L. Sundstrom '24 (R-NY); William M. Decker IV '70, R&D Director, USACE; Theodore W. Lamb '22, killed-in-service, and Alan C. Foose '59, Foreign Service Officers, Department of State; Emerson T. Mohr '97, English Teacher, Peace Corps – Kingdom of Morocco; E. Timothy Oppelt '69, Assistant Administrator for Homeland Security, Environmental Protection Agency; Hubert H. d'Autremont '11, state senator for Minnesota; David R. McMurray '71, Industrial Hygenist, Tennessee Department of Labor; Charles d'Autremont, Jr. (1870), mayor of Duluth, Minnesota.

In Hospitality, Food & Beverage: John Norlander '53, President & CEO, Radisson Hotel Corp., Donald S. Kennedy '55, Managing Director, Westmoor County Club; John N. MacDonough '66, CEO, Anheuser-Busch Int'l; Thomas H. Lundin '70, Operations Analyst, Crown Cork & Seal; Thomas W. Lutz '71, President, Florida Restaurants; Daniel E. Lynn '75, Director, Beverages, Campbell Soup Co.; Gregory E. Raschdorf '79, Manager of the Nassau Club, Princeton; William O. Sherbon '84, Process Engineer, Dole Food Co.; Todd Raessler '87, General Manager, Club Lakeridge Resort; Jason H. Arnold '90, Director of Operations, HSC Hospitality; Joel Steiger '91, Manager, The Chart House Restaurant; Jon S. Handlery '78, President, Handlery Hotels Inc.; Joshua Lesnick '87, Vice President for Marketing, Starwood International; Stephen G. Haggerty '90, Vice President for Hotel Development, Marriot Hotels Int'l, Michael J. Boffa '95, District Manager, Philip Morris, U.S.A.; Michael S. Jardin '03, Continental Airlines;

In Investment and Finance: Henry Jaromir Bruere 1900, President of the Bowery Savings Bank; H. Stanley Krusen '28 and Forbes D. Shaw '27, partners, Shearson & Hamill, Wall Street; Hosea Cushman Ballou '20 (great foe of waterbeds, and the one who computerized the NYSE in the late 1960s); John H. Palmer '49, Senior Vice President, First National Bank of Commerce; Lee H. Ferguson '59, Banker, Fidelity Bank; George F. Merrill '54 and Leonard Cronk, Jr. '65, Vice Presidents of Merrill Lynch; Richard W. Morse, Jr., '68, General Manager, Royal Bank of Canada; Peter F. Gant '90, Investment Banker, RBC Capital Markets; David C. Rae '92, CTO, Mortgage; Jason R. Cavalier '95, Investment Banking, Bear Stearns; Joseph Haywood Chrisman '01, Asset Management, Dimensional Fund Advisors; Michael Peter Halperin '01, International Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch Global Private Client Group;

In Law: Judges Morris Luther Buchwalter (1869), Franklin Ferris (1873); P. Richard Thomas '42, Anthony S. Borwick '67, and Bruce A. Peterson '72, Jonathan Feldman '78, and attorneys John Frankenheimer (1873), Manhattan attorney and brother, Citizens' Union; James D. McDonald '54, American Cyanamid Co.; Arthur M. Tasker '61, Chadbourne & Parke; Stuart Binstock '75, Association of General Contractors of America; George M. Borababy '75, Patton Boggs & Blow; Henry I. Morgenbesser '77, Skadden, Arps et alia; David W. McCurdy '86, Prison Legal Advisor, Legal Aid Society; Christopher J. Steele '91, General Counsel, RGm Liquid Waste Removal Corp.; Craig S. Miles '91, Clements O'Neill Pierce & Nickens, LLP; Luis A. Cabassa '92, Thompson, Sizemore & Gonzalez; Richard S. Radnay '94, Kirkland & Ellis;

In Medicine and Health: Drs. Jerry L. Acosta '60, thorasic cardiologist; Vincent P. Ascrizzi '86, pediatrician; James C. Blankenship '76, cardiologist; Joseph V. Bonventure '70, associate professor of medicine; Randy W. Barolet '72, dean, santa barbara college of oriental medicine; Iddo Netanyahu '77, Radiologist (veteran of Special Forces, Israeli Defense Force and brother to the former Primer Minister); Duane S. Miller '89, Mental Health Counselor, St. Mary's Hospital; Joseph C. Shenot '85, Pharmacist; Michael R. Moore '87, Medical Sales, Cisco Systems; Edward N. Chai '91, Neuropsychiatrist; William R. Ehrlich '92, Elder Care Pharmacist; Michael L. Finger '92, Pharmaceutical Scientist at KMI/Parexel Int'l; Rod P. Rezaee '92, Surgeon – Head & Neck; Terrence L. Fisher '94, Research Scientist at Vaccinex, Inc.; Matthew T Bennett '95, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon; Douglas A. Jacobstein '95, Pediatric Gastroenterologist;

In National Security: LT James H. Dayton '42, army air corps aviator killed-in-service; LCDR Edward Kleppe '81, naval aviator killed-in-service; our three-star LGEN Jared L. Bates '63, Commanding General, 2nd Armored Division (Fort Hood); our spy-master one-star, BGEN Edwin L. Sibert '18, Intelligence, 12th Army (1941-1945); Captains Gary M. Crahan '66 and Frank Cattani '86, USN, Commanding Officers of the USS PROVIDENCE (SSN-719) and the USS HARTFORD (SSN-768), respectively; Gary is now Assistant Vice President, Alion Science & Technology and Frank is assigned to the Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet; and other brothers serving in the current war: MAJs Lawrence M. Smith '87, USA, Army Intelligence, Pentagon; Michael D. Peloquin '89, USA, Operations Officer, 10th Engineering Battalion; Michael F. Tronolone '90, USA, Operations Officer, 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command, “Patriot”; CDR Steven J. Labows '88, Assistant Program Manager for System Engineering, MH-60S “Knighthawk”; and LCDR Michael H. McCurdy '94, Officer of the Deck, USS JOHN STENNIS (CVN-74). Serving in the civilian service we have Edwin Gibson '08, Deputy Secretary of Defense under President Eisenhower; Stephen J. Hadley '69, National Security Advisor to President George W. Bush; Dan Meyer '87, Director of Civilian Reprisal Investigations, Office of the Inspector General, U.S. Department of Defense.

In Pastimes, Sports, and Athletics: Fred L. Hudson, Jr. '51, Designer, Fred L. Hudson Industrial Design (speed boats of great repute); Clayton W. Chapman '57, Commissioner, Eastern College Athletic Conference; Gabriel H. Paul, Jr. '62, Vice President of Stadium Operations, Milwaukee Brewer Baseball Franchise; Thomas L. Sturdevant II '64, Game Inventor & Entreprenuer, Grand Isle Games, Inc.; John M. Skudin '79, Swim Coach, St. John's University; Robert S. Ford '80, Network Manager, Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Franchise; Peter Sczupak '88, Swim Coach, Scottsdale Aquatic Club; Trevor H. Schumm '92, Head Coach, ACT Academy of Sport, the Olympic Training Facility of the Government of Australia (baseball); Roman D. Halko '96, R&D Manager, Easton Sports; Jarka E. Duba '95, American Agent POC Helmets & Armor (alpine skiing); Douglas W. Friman '97, U.S. Olympic Training Center (triathlon);

In Theology: Folke Becker '31 was Director, Independent Church of the Composite Redeemer.